Bech Packaging - previously Scanbech - history starts in middle 50’s when it was founded as a trade agency by Frank Bech. As a family owned organization, Bech Packaging specializes in production and development of plastic packaging for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. With the wide range of standard assortment as well as own design and in-house tooling facility Bech Packaging is able to provide its customers with the best and most suitable plastic packaging. Bech Packaging production facilities fulfills all European standards to assure the highest quality of delivered products.

R & D

R&D has always been considered as important part of our success. Today Bech Packaging's R&D center located in Poland is supported by in house mould manufacturing facility. Our professional team is ready for the challenge to provide you with the best possible solution fulfilling your expectations in new product design, mould manufacturing and packaging production as well as professional advise on Customer’s filling line. The experience that Bech Packaging has gained over many years gives us a leadership in the packaging design.


All actions of many worldwide organizations which aim to improve the conditions of life on Earth today and in the future are to be considered quite rational. At the present level of technological development, to forget about the environment would have catastrophic consequences in the near future. We want to be a part of this matter. Therefore, within the Bech Packaging we take action in protecting our environment, namely: - We tend to reduce the use of materials by reducing the weight of products thanks to our professional knowledge, experience and modern construction technologies and production process. - We aim to reduce the amount of production waist by improving the production process. - We decrease the electric energy consumption by improving the efficiency in the time unit and by improving effectiveness of technological process - We make an effort to optimize the supply chain process. Our main goal is to build an environment awareness among our employees at all levels of the Bech Packaging. We believe that such actions are worthwhile, therefore, within the organization structure of Bech Packaging an international team of people has been appointed. This team is responsible for creating and implementing our environment strategy.